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Peter's latest shenanigans

In Berlin

Peter landed in Berlin on Friday afternoon, with his little family and usual crew in tow. He looked fine, if a bit "overweight". He played at the Templehof Festival late at night (see my previous post) with a "beautiful acoustic gig, including solo, libertines and babyshambles songs" (Cris).
Setlist by Christian Ihle, who also wrote an interesting review (in German) in his blog:
For Lovers* Arcady* Back From The Dead* Hired Gun (Cover of Lefthand)* Do not Look Back Into The Sun* Music When The Lights Go Out* Killamangiro* What Katie Did* Delivery* The Last Of The English Roses* Lady Do not Fall Backwards* Palace Of Bone* I Love You But You're Green* Time For Heroes* What A Waste* Can not Stand Me Now* 1939 Returning* The Man Who Would Be King * Salome *
Other reviews from the German press are generally quite positive.
Last night Peter played at the "Le Nuits Secretes" festival in France. Niki spotted him running to a fun fair earlier in the afternoon: "He later said the peeps from the fair were thieves cause he didnt manage to win anything". Anyway, the gig was cool. "Peter looked fine" Niki writes "I loved the setlist, the crowd was pretty good (there was a bloody moshpit on Fuck Forever lol, I liked to see everyone go a little madder than usual despite the fact it was an acoustic set). So yes, a very nice gig".
Setlist: For Lovers / Can’t stand me now/ Fuck Forever / Delivery / Beg Steal or Borrow / What a waster / LOTER / Salome / Sheepskin tearaway / New Love grows on Trees / Lady don’t you fall backwards / Love Rain o’er me / The man who would be king / Music when the lights go out / Needle and Damage done / Mockin Bird / Breck Road Lover/ Time for Heroes.

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