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Good review of the Moscow gig taken from this site. The messy translation of course is from Google.

Moscow. August 28. INTERFAX.RU - When one of the popular social networking came with the announcement of the concert, Peter Doherty, the number of signatories, ie people who have declared intention of attending this event grew in her eyes. Peter Doherty, not the most famous and popular musician, successfully collected a large number of "applications" than, say cult Steven Patrick Morrissey, or Faith No More. However, in B1 Maximum club, which hosted the concert, there was no stampede. Look on the main enfant terrible of the British rock scene brought together young girls vzbudorzhaennye and colored boys, carefully tied thin ties and hats in style natyanuvshie Doherty, as well as a handful of "old" audience - thirty-year, to which Doherty is not so much a musician as hero his time, the legendary alcoholic and drug addict, the hero of the first bands of Sun and, finally, former boyfriend of Kate Moss.
While waiting out the hero in the evening on stage in the auditorium and the audience at a bar discussing the main theme - in a state whether Doherty would go on stage and play an hour, and then, as he got better. " Amusing state of general curiosity, little connected with music.

Surprisingly, Peter Doherty was able to go on stage. Along with a guitar and a bottle of vodka, which is securely installed on a table covered with a British flag ( "I have erected here this small obelisk"). Moreover, Peter Doherty was an excellent musician, although from the outset felt that he was not so clearly understands where he is and why. The question "why" was all the easier - Doherty faithfully execute the stated program, played under all sorts of acoustic "ballad without a clear melodic component. My friend, before the concert, heard only one song by Peter C. Doherty, and came to the concert because, in his own words, "wanted to see a guy who can not stand Victoria Beckham" surprise found that Doherty really knows how to sing and play guitar and not just fall into the lenses are all those reporters, Sun.
A couple of songs, cigarette, more cigarette, shot of vodka, another glass, and then a little longer and a little more. And so until there is nothing left. From the hall came flying onto the stage flowers, toys, pictures, hats, lighters, notes. Peter grinned, swayed on his feet, still drink, read the note he sang and played. An hour or two, more, more. In the second half of the concert, some songs seem to have forgotten that, though, Doherty did not upset. He noted with a joyful smile, that he had forgotten chords and began to play a new composition. The set list here was chaotic and настроенческим. Songs from the repertoire of The Libertines and The Babyshambles Peter interfered with their own, and then began to do to please the audience painfully familiar songs Beatles, Oasic. Touching sang Billy Jean "by Michael Jackson. The result - the perfect archetypal rock concert. Musician. Alcohol. Guitar. Black backdrop scenes and blue light.

Peter Doherty, the photos looked like a girl, Peter Doherty, style of dress which became the model for millions of imitators, in life was a great guy. And Russia's audience - the best for its level of sobriety. Where else raised at every stage of the glass will be met by such applause. In Doherty was unexpected drive, one that it is difficult to tell that by looking again at pictures or watching videos. Such unconditional generator razdolbayskogo great fun when you're not someone that something should be, but you should. Pete Doherty, the idol of young Hyster, in front of them broke all the modern system of youth attitude when going crazy, fun, and so not out of choice but of obligation. He simply did what he wanted. And the feeling that at times a little sad, but quickly took himself in hand.

He played more than two hours (!), Staggering, causing obvious concern guardians who tracked the movement of a drunken Pete on stage. Kills microphone stand, a couple of times he dropped his hat, finally said goodbye to the audience, generous gesture, sent in a beautiful hall Gibson. Protecting long caught the guitar.
From the concert left two sensations - donated by a sudden sense of freedom and the fact that Doherty is not a plastic doll, invented by spin-doctors and the press, but such. Such as it is. An excellent musician with a bad habit. We can only say thanks to the organizers, who nevertheless took the risk and cope with such a difficult task - to take them to Russia by Peter Doherty.

Setlist and notes by Willow:
Don’t look back into the sun
Love you but you are green
Man who would be the king
Water Waster (oh, I love this song so much, should not write it like this)
Needle and the Damage done
Music when the lights go out
Fuck Forever
Last of the English Roses
What Katie Did
Ballad of Grimaldi (dedicated to great great grandmother, who was Russian, I suppose?)
For Lovers (with a note about the cruelty of Russian authorities and man called P.Wolfe)
Beg Steal or Borrow
Back from the Dead
Hired Gun
Blowing Bu-uu-bbles
Death on the Stairs
Up the Bracket
Lady Don’t Fall Backwards
Can’t Stand Me Now (with audience singing half of song)
Curfew warning
New Love Grows on Trees
Last Post On The Bugle (with slightly slower tempo)
Suicide in the Trenches
Albion (with Georgia (why?), Moscow and St. Petersburg among others)
Broken Love Song
I wanna be Adored - He hesitated playing it after the first verse, but the crowd chanted “keep going” so he smiled and did
Wonderwall – with us singing half the song a capella and him listening and smiling and nodding
Then Babyshambling started!!! I don’t even know some of the songs, but we had Jackson’s Billy Jean, Killamangiro (which is great but first two lines are a kind of brick in the face when at gigs), There She Goes, Oasis’s Hello which he wanted us to sing but we did not manage, so it was aborted, Palace of Bone, Twist and Shout (where he sang half the lines and we sang the others), Time for Heroes (he started to sing, then decided first to put on the red jacket that was thrown onstage and asked if to sing Salome, and went back to Time for Heroes).

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