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Peter in Belgium

Rave reviews are following Peter's appearance at the Lorekse Festival in Belgium last night. "Peter played for half an hour" says "with the best from his last album (Salome and the great The Last of the English Roses) Babyshambles (The Lost Art of Murder) and the Libertines (Music When The Lights Go Out and the wonderful Can't Stand Me Now) showing what a gifted songwriter he is".

"I thought it was a very nice little festival" Niki wrote to FDW "Crowd was pretty relaxed, you could move easily, there was loads of space at the front, and the audience was reacting pretty well. Pete looked in great form and joked a bit".

Two Neil Young citations ("Out on a Weekend" and "The Needle and Damage Done") and funny banter with the crowd ("Everyone who has drugs on them, please think twice about using them. Leave them to me, and I'll dispose of them properly") completed the show.

Niki also shot a handful of beautiful videos (follow the link to his youtube channel).

Setlist by Dillyboys:

Up the Bracket, Tell the King, East of Eden, Dilly Boys, Fuck Forever, Delivery, Killamangiro, Music when the lights go out, Can't stand me now, Suicide in the Trenches, What a Waster, Time for Heroes, A cover of The Specials, Don't look back into the sun, Arcady, Ballad of Grimaldi, Last of the english roses, 1939 Returning, Love reign over me, Beg Steal or Borrow, Lost art of Murder, Salome, Needle and Damage done.

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