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For Jenn (AKA Coco Neon)

My frequentation of the FDW forum is so poor that I don't think I've ever spoken directly to her. But this beautiful girl who died a month ago was a huge Shambles fan and I'm sure I've cited bits from her posts about Peter or Babyshambles more than once. Writtlers who were much more in touch with her than I was and still remember her witty and funny messages are now asking Babybear to do something to remember this girl.
"As you know" Wolfman writes "we recently lost a girl who wasn't just a huge fan and a member of this forum, but a friend to many. She was restricted from attending gigs, but promoted and supported Babyshambles and Roses Kings Castles probably the most out of all of us. She made badges, lined-up a t-shirt range and has supported and contributed vastly. The thing is - the band does so so much more than any other would, and everybody here recognises that and is, I'm sure, eternally grateful. But I feel that the best way to honour Jenn would be to (insert idea here) with just a little support. Please don't think i'm taking the piss - I know it's cheeky to suggest, but it's not for my benefit or the benefit of anybody on here. Even if it was a line of dedication on the new album, that would mean so much to everybody who knew Jenn".
People are suggesting organising a gig in Cardiff (Jenn's hometown). That would be awesome. I join Wolfman and all the writtlers in this request. Babybear has seen the messages on FDW and he's just replied "Read and noted".
And now, waiting for some good news on the matter, and also to cheer everyone up, I suggest visiting Adrian's blog, updated with exciting photos and things from Moscow.

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