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Mystery gigs

According to rumours Peter is going to play tonight at 126 Commercial Road starting from 9 pm. Nobody has confirmed this gig yet but it seems likely to happen.
Besides, other rumours say that Peter is also playing tomorrow (Tuesday) once again at the Torriano pub, with the support of Italian singer Anto Dust. This is confirmed by Antonella herself in her Twitter page.
UPDATE: Peter will probably dedicate the Torriano gig to the memory of Jenn (see my previous post). This is his message to FDW:
Deepest sympathies from the heart and sincerest condolences to the family and many close friends of this clearly cherished soul. I feel somewhat patronizing suggesting this but don't know how else to mark my personal feelings. Tomorrow night at The Torriano I'm putting together another 'acoustic caberet' and suggest that we make the night a celebration / memorial for our lost friend.... thoughts please
Thanks a lot Peter, you rule!

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