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So, what did we expect? Britain’s most dangerous figure has been finally locked up and the sharks are celebrating. The same people who only two days ago were condemning the Olympic torch protesters because “sport is sport and politics is politics” (since when are human rights considered “politics”? Oh but hang on… there’s something happening in England in 2012 isn’t there?), the same people who keep pestering us everyday with Amy Winehouse’s skin problems, with the Hilton heiress’s naked butt and with their two-penny rancid “philosophy” and right winged idiocy, those people are now celebrating because the Villain is in gaol and their toilet paper is going to sell loads so that they will be able to spend a holiday in a five star resort with their horrible fat wives and their unbearable children.
Great. Keep celebrating, sharks. For us, nothing has changed. Peter’s been imprisoned many times before, and he’s always come out stronger than yesterday. People keep buying his records and going to his gigs, and listening to his music. And maybe voting him “Hero of the Year”. That’s what drives you mad, isn’t it? And you believe 14 weeks in prison are going to change our mind? Ha. If I were you I wouldn’t laugh too hard. The man could be free again within one month. And kick all your stupid fat asses before you can scream “Babyshambles”.

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