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A nation turns its back and gags

Poor ex Libertines! They just cannot do anything right in these days. First, according to the redtops, people are "furious" at Peter for being imprisoned. That is, he knew what was coming and got himself framed like a cretin when he had the RAH sold out gig and the LMHR carnival waiting for him. Etcetera. But Adamski puts on a brave face:
"Drummer Adam Ficek has explained that the band are still ploughing on with plans for their new album, despite Pete Doherty's incarceration" says "The drummer told NME.COM that the band had a series of new demos they had been working on, and are set to meet producer Stephen Street to discuss album plans. Although Street has not been signed up to produce the band's third album, Ficek, currently on holiday in Thailand, said they would discuss ideas with him soon."We stick together, stay positive and keep the music alive," Ficek told NME.COM. "Just before I went on holiday we reconvened and gave Peter a new CD full of songs to start demo-ing for the new album. Mik [Whitnall, guitar] had gone into the studio and put down guitar parts and ideas."Speaking of the possibility of working again with Stephen Street, who produced the band's second album 'Shotter's Nation', Ficek was optimistic, saying: "I love Stephen – we'll meet up with him soon and see what ideas he's got, take it from there."I definitely think we'll have a new album out at the end of this year or early next year. The 'Shambles ship will stay on course. This [Doherty's incarceration] is a real bad thing for a friend, but he's going to be fine."
Secondly, Carlos Barat got Wigan kids "furious" because he cancelled his DJ set for the second time. A DJ set is not exactly the Royal Albert Hall but the Mighty Carlos has been using this "been busy working on the album" excuse a little bit too much lately. Read on (from Wigan Today):
"Indie rocker Carl Barât has pulled the plug on his DJ set appearance at Club Nirvana on Friday night – the second time he has cancelled in recent weeks. And the decision has angered Lupine, organiser of the gig, which says it has lost hundreds of pounds promoting the night. Barât and his Dirty Pretty Things band member Didz Hammond said they were pulling out of the gig because they are still in the studio finishing their upcoming album. A statement on the band's website reads: "We are very sorry to confirm that Carl and Didz's DJ set at the Northern Lights night at Club Nirvana has had to be cancelled as the boys are still in the studio putting the finishing touches on the second album." The boys apologise to all of you who were planning to attend and hope that they will be able to reschedule at a later date."Barât, the former co-frontman of The Libertines, was originally due to play at Club Nirvana, on Clarence Yard, at the end of March to kick off the Easter weekend.This was then postponed and rescheduled for April. Dylan Harris, from Lupine, said: "We're very disappointed that Carl and Didz have pulled out as it was looking set to be a great night. "We had worked hard on promoting the event first time around, then we had to work around the postponement." A lot of tickets had been sold; it was definitely going to be a sell out."We are not wholly convinced that they will want to reschedule it for a date it the future. "We will have to see if we can get more guarantees of an appearance and then take it from there. "We'll be carrying on the night with the same bands and Northern Lights DJs at the usual price of £3. "Anyone who has bought tickets can claim a refund at point of purchase."

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