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The NME reviews DPT's snowboarding adventure

I don't buy the mag anymore, so thanks to Linna for providing the transcript.

Dirty Pretty Things choose Bestival-On-Ice for their live return.
………. “they manage to pull a blinder by nabbing Dirty Pretty Things for what is essentially - a few acoustic spots here and there aside - their guns-blazing return to the live stage. And what a return it is; loud enough to kick-start an avalanche on the glorious snow-peaked mountains that surround us, the four boys in the band are as grungily charming and as rock n roll as ever. Their half-puffed ciggies rest in their guitar necks, the novelty of being allowed to legally smoke indoors clearly amusing them - and the crowd - no end.
Drags on fags are broken up by Carl Barat, rocking naughty public schoolboy floppy locks, swigging from a bottle of red wine and pummelling through the rollicking Deadwood and YFLI. From their forthcoming second album the shameless Kinksy clatter of Hippys Son lifts the snow battered crowd, while the sweet balladry of Come Closer brings to mind the kind of simple tune a shy teen would write for the most popular girl in class, but never ever play to her in a million years. Plastic Hearts sees Carl take on a role that’s closer to narrator than rock singer; he could just as easily be fronting a slightly debauched poetry reading as a gig. Didz Hammond and Anthony Rossomando continue to be the perfect foils to Carl’s louche stage manner, and are just as interesting to watch; Didz with a swagger that could make the Gallagher brothers cower (plus an ever expanding tache) and Anthony, with a seemingly possessed guitar that he brandishes like a loaded tommy gun and pokes towards the front few rows.
To finish, Anthony takes the trumpet for the bugling intro to a hectic run through of the pounding “Bang Bang”. As he lifts it to his mouth, a beer can comes spiralling towards him, but he smoothly volleys the offending receptacle back into the audience with the tip of said trumpet. It’s slick, funny and a little bit stupid and that’s pretty much what makes a band great, isn’t it? ……. “
What do you think of Snowboarding?
Didz: People come up here to spend five hours snowboarding up the mountains and when they come back down they just wanna get off their heads - that’s really the key ingredient of it all
Anthony: I’ve never understood skiiing - I’ve never known anything about it but I found out for the first time tonight. It’s beautiful up in the mountains but there are a lot of really stupid hats.
Carl: It’s like playing on another planet. These are the kind of people we never used to feel affiliated with, but since our time on the slopes I can tell you that they’re a mean bunch of fuckers.
Anthony: It was my first time on a ski lift, first time on snow. We woke up too late for skis and there was only one snowboard between us
Carl: For the first time I had lessons on a snowboard and I came back with a very sore botty.
And what about the gig?
Didz: We kind of go to these things with our eyes shut, just looking at each other and then as the gig progresses, generally we open out
Anthony: Tonight we were more focused on each other, but the snowboarders seemed to be having a good time
Carl: We’ve got a lot of new stuff, but didn’t really figure that this would be the night to play them, so we just played four new ones out of 12
Didz: We’ve done a few little gigs recently; we did an acoustic show in Paris and we did the little thing for Crisis
Carl: …… but this is definitely our sweatiest return to date.

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