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Always look on the bright side of life

Eric Barat. Sorry, Carl Idle.

We thought things would have been much more exciting in these days, eh? There was the RAH gig scheduled for Saturday and the LMHR Carnival for Sunday. And the solo album. And the musical. And the Shambles third album. And collaborations, and blank gigs, and so much fun. None of those things is going to happen, of course. Peter is still behind bars, and redtops keep saying awful things about him (which we don't read and in any case don't believe), and nothing really exciting is looming anywhere. But, as good old Eric Idle used to say, "Always look on the bright side of life". So, let's give it a try.

The LMHR Carnival is still on! Peter won't be there but Drew will, with Helsinki and his "very special guests". The Lovely Drusillo spoke against BNP once again on "Drew McConnell has urged London residents to vote in the forthcoming London assembly elections to prevent the British National Party from having a chance of getting a seat.McConnell is playing with a new band featuring Reverend And The Makers' Jon McClure and ex-Arctic Monkeys' Andy Nicholson on Sunday (April 27) at the Love Music Hate Racism carnival in London's Victoria Park. Speaking to NME.COM, McConnell said, "Assembly elections happen on May 1. The London assembly elections happen every four years, and last time the BNP were just 5,000 votes off getting a seat. That might sound like a lot, but 5,000 votes is actually just 0.1 per cent!"The polls are predicting the BNP to win two seats this year, which would be disastrous. As I understand it each elected member is given an office, £400,000 a year funding and, most terrifyingly in the case of the BNP, legitimacy and a platform from which to spout their vile hatred right into the heart of our nation's capital."Hopefully the LMHR carnival will go some way to stopping this happen. We know we're only musicians, and we can't change the world armed only with guitars and bad haircuts. But there's nothing wrong with having a go, eh?" If 100,000 people turn up to our event, they might just go and vote on May 1 too. We won't get fooled again!". Bad haircut? Where did you hear that, man???

Drew and his band are also playing at the Soho Revue Bar on 28 April, together with the Holloways, Six Nation State and Jay Jay Pistolet (here).

Adam speaks again to Gigwise, hinting at the Shambles third album (here).

Good people are not forsaking Peter! A poll issued by among British youths (under 25) saw the man voted the second most popular male hero, behind footballer Stephen Gerrard.

On DPT front, Carlos is dj-ing tomorrow at Filthy's (166 Heath Road, Twickenham) with live performances from Champion, Klesma Vilanova, Hannah Pearce & very special guest (Carl has his "very special guests" too! Well, as long as they're not the Chavs it's all right). Tickets are 8.00 on the door.

Against all odds, the second Dirty Pretty Things album is going to be released after all. No artwork and no tracklist yet, and the title is still that "Truth begins" stuff but it seems there is a release date now, and it's 30 June. At least, that's what Barat said to a fan last week.

Laura Barnett from The Guardian has written an article about the "Libertines musical". Not the right moment, but here it is.

So, as you can see, there are still many things to look forward to. While we are waiting. Let's hope not for too long.

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