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Peter and Carl in Eastenders!!! EXCLUSIVE!!!

A Libertines musical??? You must be joking! Peter and Carl have something else in their agenda now, although of course it’s a well hidden secret at the BBC headquarters! But now we can reveal it all. After a pretty inspiring night at the launch party for the new Vodka Wiborowa at the Punk Club, a very reliable source has spilled the beans (and some vodka too). The two ex-libertines are going to star in Eastenders starting from September 2008! Peter and Carl have been spotted on the set already, taking notes and planning their acting debut. Somebody even heard Carlos whispering to Peter: “So Stan is doing The Mighty Boosh? Who fucking cares about The Mighty fucking Boosh? I’m doing fucking Eastenders!”. To which Peter allegedly whispered back: “You’re right Biggles, Stan is a spoiled brat who thinks he’s sexier than me!”. “Sexier than you?” Carl laughed “HA!”.
Pete and Carl will star in the famous soap opera playing a gay couple introduced by Christian Clarke in the Beale household. They plan to get married but on the eve of the wedding they suddenly find out with horror they can’t marry each other because they’re brothers! They’re both Dot Cotton’s secret children!
That’s all we can say for now but much more will be revealed in the next weeks. Stay tuned!!!