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To gig or not to gig?

The leaflet above can be seen at this site and is clearly advertising the opening of a new club in Liverpool, with the one ond only Pete Doherty as the main guest at the launch party. I'm not sure how much truth there is in this ad. Adam said "i dont know anything about this....not through any contacts i know so??". OK, it should be a Peter-solo gig, not Babyshambles', so it's not strange that Adam doesn't know anything. And there are people who claim they have tickets. But there's also someone who dials that number and does not get any reply. So? Where's a babybear when you need it?

Peter has been interviewed (apparently) in the last number of Loaded magazine. Major press sites are reporting what to them is the main feature of this interview, that is Peter mourning a lost love, but I'm sure he talked about many other things. For example:

He denied he set a bad example to young fans, saying: "I can't see why people call me a bad influence. I meet a lot of kids who are into music. I spend as much time as I can with them. I listen to their demos and I'm encouraging. No-one's ever asked me for a drug dealer's number. It's music, music, music. That's my influence." Doherty, who was released from jail in May where he was locked up for skipping bail after being caught with crack cocaine, heroin, ketamine and cannabis, said: "I'd have to take drugs just to get in the state of mind to deal with the probation meetings. I was constantly monitored. They've been around me since day one, but so has corduroy. Know what I mean? Drugs don't create the sound - they might just change the pitch slightly. Or make you spell a word wrong." Doherty also hit out at Conservative party leader David Cameron saying: "I was in jail during the (local) elections. I heard David Cameron on the radio and he said something like, 'And we have a loser for a Prime Minister'. He's a man who's supposed to be representing the people, not shouting insults across the Commons. He kind of makes me ill, David Cameron. I liked the old-fashioned Tory - like Winston Churchill, who had style. But Cameron's like a new breed - computer-generated. I hate it." Of course, a scan of the whole interview would be much appreciated.

One more thing, film director Guy Ritchie has been inspired by Peter for a character of his new movie. Read on (from "Guy Ritchie's new film 'RocknRolla' has a character based on Pete Doherty. According to Empire magazine, the character Johnny Story (played by Toby Kebbell) is a shambolic musician who hides out in a London crack den.Ritchie, who also directed the 1998 hit movie 'Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels' explained that the Babyshambles singer had influenced the character. "At the time I was writing it, Pete Doherty was everywhere," he said. "I think what we all like is someone who fell and then stood up again. And that's probably the story with Pete Doherty." He added: "There seems to be an implication that people want to see him jump. But at the same time there's a desire to see the likes of him being reborn." It's not the first time Doherty has been referenced by film makers. It was recently reported that late actor Heath Ledger apparently drew inspiration from the Babyshambles singer for his portrayal of the Joker in the new Batman movie 'The Dark Knight'. 'RocknRolla' is released on September 5 in the UK".

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DaleMassey said...

I've got a ticket, and so do two of my mates, if you want a pic?
I dont think its of "alledgedly" having tickets - its more about "alledgedly" booking a guy to play a launch night when they might not have ;]