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The Libertines "Fora"

Please forgive my out of place Latinism. What I'm talking about is actually those places where fans and foes of the Libertines, or their spin-off bands, get together once or twice a day to talk about their opinions on the above mentioned bands' latest releases, adventures, gigs, gossips and bums. A lot of people are still mourning the death of the band's official site, and particularly the forum's ( The site's webmasters assured everybody (about 3 or 4 times) the site was coming back "in the future", but up to now it hasn't. So, people are thinking of making up something new "made by fans". The Delaney (forum only) has been going on/off for about one year but it still lacks something crucial: a great participation. The old glorious Spirit of Albion is deceased as well but in any case it was a site and didn't have a forum. Albion Arks is back with a vengeance (site and forum) but people usually go there only to discuss the (impressive) media archive. There's the infamous "org", the only place where you could witness a live discussion between Heavyhorse and Albionsolutions back in the day, the only place where Heavyhorse apologized to Albionsoultions's mom for calling her "a junkie" in the NME, and where Albionsolutions asked his cochon where the hell he had been hiding the night before in Paris... ("Calling to you jiggaboy...Can't give u a ding dong. Dam'n those montmarte sim cards and babbling operators. Got serious dts here. cant type straight, let alone think straight, or vice versa. Hope you don't mind my jealous japery. (login gave the game away). Need something to occupy mind during vigil, still, hush hush about that. Can u email me? Can't work anything. Is it true ur blighty bound for sun? May await you there or not pending progress.... Much love, de la cochon. Thats baguettes and bordeaux, not bagles and bourbon.XXX")
OK, fuck nostalgia, that forum has been going downhill since 2004 and now only losers seem to frequent, with the occasional exceptions...
There are still the side projects forums, i.e. French Dog Writtles (rather nice, and Heavyhorse is still very much on there, as well as Moderateass and of course our friend Babybear) and the DPT Official Forum (mmmm... no. It was a little boring at the start, but now it's only sycophants and vampires).
All this was said just to introduce you to... (drumroll) a new Libertines site. Sounds strange? No, what did I tell you? People were working towards that, and our friend Strychnine made it first. Here's the address:
Will this place relive the old places' glories? It's up to you folks. Me, I'm not a great fan of "fora". But who knows, I might join too one day...

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