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Let's talk about Adam

Interview with Adam Ficek for Noize Makes Enemies (by Brianna Saraceno)

Adam Ficek, drummer with Mr. Doherty’s indie misfits Babyshambles has his own side project band on the go Roses Kings Castles. He was kind enough to spare a wee moment of his time for a quick Q&A to tell us a little bit more about this new venture and about the man himself

Noize: How did Roses, Kings, Castles come about?
Adam Ficek: I have always written songs, some of them don't make the shambles albums, so I wanted a way to get them out there, It was purely for selfish reasons, I just wanted to get the songs heard. I didn't expect people to be that interested...

N: Where did you come up with the name?
AF: I like those three words together, there's no real inspiration just that they fitted the music I made.

N: Who are your inspirations?
AF: I really enjoy listening to melodic indie stuff such as c86esq, Belle and Sebastian, the Housemartins, but also bands such as Blur, the Smiths, Syd Barret, but then's theres the classical and jazz goes on and on.

N: Do you and Drew support each others’ projects outside of ‘Shambles?
AF: Yeah, Mik also, we're all planning to go on a solo tour together very soon.

N: Who did the Roses, Kings, Castles artwork you use on the myspace?
AF: Giorgia Di Lello, an aspiring young artist I met in Italy....

N: What are your aims for Roses, Kings, Castles over the next year?
AF: release two EPs, and play some small libraries and launderettes across the UK and Europe, when not Babyshambles-ing, obviously that's my band, so it takes priority. It's just nice to have something to do when we have time off.

N: What is your dream Glasto lineup?
AF: Reform the Stone Roses and the Smiths joint headline.

N: If you could collaborate with any artist in the near future, who would it be?
AF: I've written a duet for Tracy Anne Campbell from Camera Obscura but she isn't aware of it yet...

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