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The Ficek Gazette


Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek – who records under the alias Roses, Kings, Castles, has announced details of his next solo single. Ficek will release 'Entroubled' on September 8 on his own label, The Sycamore Club'. The single will be available on seven-inch vinyl and digital download. Ficek will be giving away 1,000 signed copies of the single to fans to sign up for the release at The star will follow the single with the release of his first solo album, also titled, 'Roses, Kings, Castles', on September 22.

Peter has gone back home after his adventure in court. He's still denying he's been robbed but yesterday he popped at his favorite music shop in Reading and bought 3 guitars. Bodes well for the solo album, doesn't it?

One more thing, according to the NME the participation to the Moonfest Music Festival (Friday Aug 29) is now credited to "Babyshambles" and not "Pete Doherty". Various ill informed sites reported that "the original line-up of Babyshambles will reform for an upcoming U.K. festival". I think that's a huge mistake, because I don't see neither Pat Walden neither Gemma Clarke joining Peter and Drew at the event. Probably those sites (one was Showbiz Spy) have no idea about the original line-up and are already considering Babyshambles (the Pete-Drew-Mik-Adam combo) a deceased band that needs a "reunion" to play together again.

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