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Something more from Montreux

I've just found this article on Swiss site "Lords of Rock". It's an interview with Drew and a review of the Montreux gig. Sorry for the messy translation, I've used babelfish, but if some french people want to give a hand they're welcomed...

Montreux trembled for the arrival of Babyshambles. Or almost, because it was rather impatient of their arrival. Let us summarize: announced with 14:00, it is quite naturally that they will arrive in catimini at 19:00. Time to hear thousand and one rumours on a possible cancellation, one takes honest time to listen to Blood Red Shoes. The room is divided into two: teenagers in front of, crushed and suffocating against thirty year blasés and demanding a little further. Delivery: the star of this festival is there and well upright. Pete Doherty leaves it to her excellent companions to begin the concert. Dispatch we to look at this wandering angel, the concert will be short. Back From The Dead: one is astonished always as much in front of this superb piece melancholic person of the first album. Most beautiful moment. Shambles wiser than are envisaged. Pete does not even stagger, it is frustrating: the first thirty year ones ronchonnent and leave the places. Misfortune for them: the happy hours of the bar of in-face has just finished and Pete connects on Fuck Forever. Summit of ease. It misses however the brothel of the beers which fly and English with barechested. Montreux is wise, Montreux does not tremble. Awaited disappointment: nothing of crunching to tell concerning Pete. Fifty minutes in concert and direction cabins. The concert was rock'n'roll because impossible to interpret, short and without true fault. The continuation will be it rock' roll: rise express in the cabins not without intention. Pete returned while running to its hotel, it pèterait of them almost fires. Adam Ficek (battery) Drew McConnell (low) eat fruits on the settees whereas Mik Whitnall (guitar) made the puppet. Few media tried to collect the remarks of these déglingués. Under its surfaces of Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver, Drew invites us to join it.

Lords Of Rock'n'roll: How are you guys? Happy to be together again?

Drew: one is not really in round, one made only some festivals to tell the truth, one leaves London deux-trois days and one returns. But one is currently very happy, all does well.

Lords: Difficult to escape this media fury…

Drew: (he sighs) one does not read really the newspapers, and fortunately. One has been together for almost five years, and it was only during the first months that one found that cool. See my head in Sun is not the thing which I prefer… But I try not to too much pay attention to that.

Lords: You spoke in French with Couleur 3 previously.

Drew: Ouais, I lived 8 months in Marseilles, I also went to Spain. And I am originating in Ireland. Lords: Except the few dates, did you plan something for the future?

Drew: Not, one is enough bad to plan the things (to laugh)… Personally I have difficulties in think too far. One benefits from the present moment.

Lords: Your second album, Shotter' S Nation, is succeeded definitely more…

Drew: Yes indeed, there is a great difference in particular in the play of guitar. Mik arrived with a completely different sound. Ca passably changed the sound of the group. I had arrived in the group only two weeks before the exit of the first album, Down in Albion. It was very chaotic, one had recorded it in the worst studio of England, with the worst microphones, for practically nothing, really of the trifles (to laugh)! Now, with our recording company (EMI), there was the chance to have the models (to laugh)! And in more there were more time for recorded.

Impressed per such an amount of kindness, I withdraw myself to greet the other members of the group. Adam, the beater, benefits from it to launch some valves between two pretty girls and to propose to me to accompany them during the evening. The continuation will be chaotic and unforeseeable, between battle of grapes and methodical flight of wine bottles to the Jazz Coffee on behalf of Mik. The Shambles Babies did not die, they are detached, lucid and suited to the service. As for Pete, there will remain always unforeseeable. But three good souls take care on him and one thinks that finally, c' is well like that…

Julien Gremaud

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