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  • Peter writes to FDB: "So meself Mickle and Adam are at Albion Towers, awaiting Drewsive (as ever). Has been a pleasant weekend. Astile and his sister are sleeping upstairs and the cats are scrapping. We are rehearsing and moaning about managerial tactics. New tunes aplenty.. nameless but with class. alright!". Alright Peter. Exhaustion my ass.
  • The Rhythm Factory gigs are all sold out.
  • Rumor has it that Peter is going to be one of the special guests at the Chas and Dave show at the Tap'n'Tin next Saturday (15th).
  • You Talk entered the... Top 60 singles chart at no. 54. Ahem.
  • Pat Walden's new band, Big Dave, are performing at the Time For Heroes Christams Party on Dec 22nd (at Club 19, Trent Park - opposite Oakwood Tube st).
  • If you reckon Peter, Drew or Carl are the sexiest boys alive (or at least sexier than fuckin Matt Bellamy) go to the NME Awards site and vote (can't be arsed to give the proper link).

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Milky said...

54's a shockingly bad start for You Talk, isn't it? Sure it'll climb up though.

Love the site BTW (Pretty Shambolic)