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Babyshambles at the Rhythm Factory - Night 1

(photo by Benmatthewreyes for Flickr)

Following Peter's solo gig of Sunday, last night Babyshambles came back in full at the legendary Rhythm Factory club. In spite of numerous technical problems the band was on top form and the night was highly successful. No more arenas, guys!
Babyshambles played a chaotic set at London’s Rhythm Factory venue in the early hours of this morning (December 18) that thrilled fans who had managed to bag a much sought-after ticket. The show was part of a three-night residency of sorts, with frontman Pete Doherty playing a solo show the previous night (December 17) and Babyshambles playing a second set at the venue tonight (December 18). The band were 45 minutes late for their scheduled start, with bassist Drew McConnell having to find a replacement bass guitar after his broke down. With fans rushing to get close to the band, the hyperactive atmosphere continued as the band opened with ‘Side Of The Road’ with the house lights failing. Doherty’s manager had to create makeshift lighting for the band, shining a torch on them so fans could see the action. As the band played ‘UnBilotitled’ the lights were activated again, but the set was punctuated with equipment failing, with the band having to swap instruments regularly. During recent single ‘Delivery’ Doherty leaped into the crowd where he crowdsurfed while singing, returning with his shoes and socks removed. He returned to the crowd again during the following ‘Pipedown’, and was hauled back from the sea of fans by four security guards. Babyshambles played a number of new songs during the set, including the recently debuted ‘Pretty Sue’, a -esque, melodic mid-paced song. After playing ‘Killamangiro’, Doherty was given a Christmas present by a fan in the crowd. He unwrapped it to reveal a frame containing photos from his solo set the previous night and a ticket stub with the message “Thanks for a fantastic performance”, which he read to the crowd, much to the fan's delight. Babyshambles closed their set with ‘Fuck Forever’ before heading backstage to cool off, Doherty downing two bottles of cold water. “I don’t know anything about that gig – it was nothing to do with me!” Doherty joked to NME.COM as he cooled down, referring to the technical problems the band had to battle through. “Ha, ha, it was a fucking disgrace! Nothing worked!”. “It’s the best gig we’ve ever done, actually!” laughed guitarist Mik Whitnall, while bassist Drew McConnell adding: “Hey, it’s The Rhythm Factory. But it was fun!”.

Setlist: Side Of The Road, UnBiloTitled, Untitled New Song, Carry On Up The Morning, Untitled New Song, Delivery, Pipedown, I Wish, Sedative, Untitled New Song, I Love You (But You’re Green), Pretty Sue, Albion, Killamangiro, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Baddie's Boogie, UnStookietitled, Fuck Forever.

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