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MOJO's Greatest Pics: Babyshambles, 2005

Death on the stairs revisited

Something to look at! A collection of beautiful Babyshambles pictures taken by Mattia Zoppellaro in 2005. Browse here.

Article by Ross Bennett:

As the Pipe Down tour-party stumbled across the UK, MOJO’s Mattia Zoppellaro was on hand to capture Pete Doherty and his motley band of merry musicians hit new levels of chaotic abandon.
“The original idea was to spend a week on the road with the band,” explains Zoppollaro. “Then the (alleged) Kate Moss cocaine scandal appeared in the papers. The atmosphere around the group was quite tense to say the least and it was very difficult to grab Pete for any amount of time at all. But I was quite surprised to find the rest of the group focused and really trying to keep everything on track.”
With access becoming increasingly tight, it wasn’t until the final night of the jaunt that Doherty appeared long enough for Zoppellaro to get those crucial shots. “When we finally got to spend some time with him, he was very available. Although we only spent about 100 seconds together, I thought he was really charming. I remember him pouring me a vodka and orange and giving me a couple of tokes on a joint. And whatever I asked him to do, he did. He’s actually a very photogenic guy – really enchanting. And he never made a fuss.”
“Shooting the band live was a crazy experience,” he continues. I was quite surprised to be honest, because I’m not a big fan of Babyshambles music, but the relationship they have with their audience was captivating. I love that about them. People were reaching out and worshipping Pete. They were totally transfixed.”

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