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How was it for you? Carl Barat's 2007

2007 is wrapping up and it’s time for recaps.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Official Breck Road Lovers’ 2007 Top Ten and Bottom Ten Charts.
Today it’s Carl Barat’s turn. Carl and Dirty Pretty Things have had a rather quiet year (at least, compared to 2006) but our man has been through his regular ups-and-downs.

Carl ‘s Top Ten

10. Showing his terror of wasps without fear of being branded as a sissy
9. Getting through the year without breaking his bones
8. Being able to brag about the new album for a whole year without telling anything at all
7. Becoming Gene Vincent “just for one day”
6. Writing two long posts to the DPT’s official site “Diary”
5. Writing 9 Lives
4. Recording A Day In The Life with Peter
3. Being brilliant at Get Loaded In The Park
2. Joining LMHR campaign
1. Joining Peter’s solo gig at the Hackney Empire

Carl’s Bottom Ten

10. Trying to become a boring teetotal farter at the beginning of the year. Teetotallers stink.
9. Opening for Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fuck rock dinosaurs.
8. Bragging about the new album for a whole year without telling anything at all
7. Getting a crap haircut
6. Writing only two posts to the DPT’s official site “Diary”
5. Getting involved in silly and unworthy activities to promote McGee’s other (unworthy) acts
4. Reforming the Chavs. Yawn.
3. Being crap at Glastonbury.
2. Keeping McGee as manager
1. Hiding himself away for four months (and making up stupid excuses for that)

Stay tuned for Peter’s Top and Bottom Chart in the next days!

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