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Peter didn’t turn up at the NME Shockwaves Awards launch party of last night, but it seems the lovely Drusillo and the sweet Adam put up a beautiful show the same, with the help of the ever available Josh Hubbard from the Paddingtons (remember? He was the guy who took guitar duties in Dirty Pretty Things when Carl Barat smashed his collarbone during the summer of 2006), plus a guy from the crowd named Jamie Bell.

Drew was elusive about the reason of Peter’s absence, he only said Peter was “ill” (cold? Consequences of Sunday’s beating? Soloalbum-itis? Fuck the NME-itis? I can’t be bothered to leave my beautiful new house in Wiltshire to play three songs at a stupid party in London and who’s going to feed the cat tonight-itis?) but Drew was also quick to add that “it’s got nothing to do with drugs” (why, did anybody ask?).

Well, since my current relationship with the NME has just sunk to a new all time low after what they have done to the greatest artist alive… I’m kinda glad Peter figuratively fucked their silly party, whatever the reason might be.
Rant over.

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And last but not least, Shambled from FDB: "Just got back from the gig. Drew and Adam are fuckin legends! They really were great!!!! They started with I wish, they did Janie Jones, Beg Steal or Borrow, Delivery & Fuck Forever! It was brilliant. I was so glad 2 see Drew & Adam up there it was so great of them".

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