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How was it for you? Pete Doherty's 2007

Here we are, it's Peter's turn! A quite active year for Peter and Babyshambles, but also a pretty messy one (are you surprised?). There have been some good and some bad times, the release of an album and a so-called "arena tour" (I was not sure whether that fitted the Top or Bottom so I left it out!). But, as in Carl's case, I think the best moment has still to be that memorbale night of April...

Peter's Top Ten
10. Releasing Shotters Nation
9. Getting rid of some horrible people
8. Organizing the exhibition of his blood paintings
7. Scoring two goals at the Celebrity Soccer Six Event
6. Meeting Paul McCartney
5. Recording A Day In The Life with Carl
4. Playing some awesome surprise gigs
3. Being brilliant at Glastonbury
2. Joining LMHR campaign
1. Playing with Carl at the Hackney Empire
Peter's Bottom Ten
10. Releasing Shotters Nation
9. Not turning up at a few gigs
8. Turning up at the EMAs
7. Being crap at T In The Park
6. Not making up with Pat Walden
5. Still bitching a bit about the Libertines
4. Shooting the KP Nuts video. Too much is too much, Pete
3. Releasing crap b-sides
2. Still making a permanent exhibition of his life for the massified idiocy
1. Going mainstream. They don't deserve you, Pete (and viceversa).

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