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Snippets from the NME

Pete Doherty has pledged that he can reunite The Libertines while still juggling a solo career and his Babyshambles work. In an interview viewable on Babelgum promoting his new solo single, 'Broken Love Song', the singer denied that three separate projects would be too much to take on. "Even though people presume that Babyshambles was a substitute band, it existed back in the day alongside The Libertines," Doherty said, referencing the fact he first started working under the name Babyshambles before The Libertines' biggest hit, 'Can't Stand Me Now', was even released (it came out in 2004). "It's not weird having all three [bands] going, it's ideal. It's what I want, just to make music and then perform it or release it in a way that's the most natural, he continued. However, Doherty admitted that certain songs he's written aren't suited to both The Libertines and Babyshambles, because they are too personal. "Sometimes doing Libertines songs with Babyshambles just doesn't feel right - for them and for me," he said. "In the same way that back in the Libertines days…playing certain songs that were all about how much I hated playing song with The Libertines… I wasn't really happy playing [those songs] with The Libertines. I had to get another band on the go."' Broken Love Song' is released on July 27, backed by 'The Ballad Of Grimaldi' (a song that both Doherty and former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat have played live during solo gigs).
Meanwhile, in the same new NME issue (Jacko on the cover) Carlos tells us about his troubles in reaching Glastonbury:
CARLY’S (LACK OF) ANGELS - Poor Carl Barat has only just got onsite, because security wouldn’t let him in. “They made me walk about four miles to a different entrance,” he tells us, with the air of a man who maybe knows his “don’t you know who I am?” days are numbered. “I’ve missed Pete, and I’m fucking knackered now.” And to add insult to injury, the lens on his RayBans has fallen out. Bad times.

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Lucinda said...

I hope this NME fad of naming him "Carly" fades fast. O_O