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Peter in Switzerland

Last night Peter played at The Paleo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland. Judging from the photos he looked on a smashing form, although some of the reviews are not so tender... talks of a "weightless gig".

And 24heures underlines Peter's allure to "les filles". "The highlight of the evening, the weird thing not to be missed, of course was Pete Doherty. Bold little man while drunk, which is only the public face of the tent. Folk guitar, hat, the eye moist, beard and big sleeper veiled timbre. Pete Doherty looked as threatening as the white wolf, the beast, the thing that smells badly adjusted so good to the big sentimental mess" (Google translation).

Photos at Getty.

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Fawn Neun said...

"Big Sentimental Mess" Yeah, I'd say that covers it. :)