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Peter on Shambles third album

Peter at T in the Park


Pete Doherty has spoken about the next Babyshambles album, which he says is close to being written. In an interview with French radio station Inter on July 6, Doherty revealed that Babyshambles' guitarist Mik Whitnall is writing all of the music for the album, leaving him to focus on the lyrics.

"Even as we speak, at this very moment in London somewhere, Mr Michael Whitnall – my erstwhile guitarist and songwriting partner in Babyshambles – is getting the demos together for our new album," Doherty explained in the interview, "He's got most of the tunes ready, I've just got to write the lyrics now," the frontman added.

When asked if Stephen Street would produce the album – as he has with Doherty's solo record 'Grace/Wastelands' and Babyshambles last LP, 2007's 'Shotters Nation' – the former Libertine replied: "I think so, he's a geezer."

Doherty also spoke about his recent arrests (the singer was detained by police on two separate occasions in June, both relating to drugs). "I've kind of just come out of a bit of a car crash," he explained of the arrests. He added: "I got nicked in England, arrested again, and since then I've had to go to rehab. Since then, I'm clean – the last 11 days I've been clean for the first time in quite a long time. He continued, before trailing off, by saying that he is keen to start writing music again whilst not on drugs, saying: "I have to address my creative standards soon, because I haven't written a song whilst not under the influence of something for…[trails off]".


Sonyana said...

*sign against writer's block*

Remember what you told Lee Mavers, it doesn't have to be perfect the first time.

A.K. said...

"I'm clean – the last x days I've been clean for the first time in quite a long time."
How often did we read that already?

ItMustBeKate said...

He always says he's clean.

Monkey said...

Mik's writing the music and Pete will put some words to it. Sounds a bit arse about face to me, when Pete's lyrics are the best thing about him/them. He's just gonna cobble some together to go to some half-baked ska cack?

Anonymous said...

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