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Acting lessons no. 2

After Carl Barat's breakthrough (?) in the youtube sitcom Svengali Peter couldn't be surely left behind! Our man will appear in the second season of Swiss sitcom "Photo sévices" on swiss TV channel TSR1 next December, as himself. Babybear has just confirmed this piece of news: "Yup, this is true" he wrote "The guys who made it are lovely and more may be to come".

The "guys who made it" are Sophie Lukasik and Laurent Deshusses (in the photo above with the Pizza). When asked why on earth they decided to employ Peter for their sitcom, Laurent said: "It is an idea of my son, Romain, who reads all my scenarios. When he saw that I was thinking of a rock'n'roll-star, he suggested me engaging Peter!”. But the large instigator of the blow is Sophie Lukasik, alias Sophie, the heroin of the serial. She tells: “I met Peter Doherty in Montreux Jazz Festival in 2008. The power was on between us… I will not say any more. Since, we kept contact, reveals the actress. When I sent email to him, Peter was enchanted and did not hesitate.” “Doherty turned up for one hour and learned his text perfectly! That remains one very poetic moment”, concludes Laurent Deshusses.

Roll on, Peter! And stop fighting with Carlos over the next Oscars.

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ItMustBeKate said...

Haha how upsetting would it be for Carl if Peter got an NME Award when he didn't...and then did a better job of acting than him.

It'd be like when he took Peter down to a Drama competition in the early days, and they all liked Peter more than him.