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Peter and Dot: update

It's on the new NME and now also on Contact Music:
Pete Doherty is set to release an album of duets with Scottish singer Dot Allison.
Pete Doherty is set to release a duets album.
The Babyshambles rocker has recorded several songs with Scottish singer Dot Allison, and she is keen for them to be made into an LP.
Allison said: "The initial idea that me and Pete had was to make an album of duets. I really hope it will happen. I've got a few sketches that Pete and I need to sit down and finish. One of them is finished already, and he's got lots of stuff on his computer too."
Allison and Doherty first performed together in 2004, and she recorded the track 'Sheepskin Tearaway' - which featured on his solo album 'Grace/Wastelands' - with him.
Allison - who fronted 90s band One Love - is no stranger to collaborations.
She has worked with Death in Vegas, Massive Attack, former Stone Roses and now Primal Scream bassist Gary 'Mani' Mounfield and Paul Weller.
Weller appears on the track 'Love's Got Me Crazy' which is included on Allison's upcoming LP 'Room Seven And A Half'.
She said: "Paul texted me out of the blue and was like, 'Do you want to write a song together?' I couldn't believe it! It turned out to be a beautiful love song."

This entry needs to be updated, beacuse it's not really correct. Babybear wrote to French Dog Writtles a few hours ago:
Ehmmm .....Dot e mailed me to let me know that this has been somewhat misreported. Peter will appear singing 'I Wanna Break Your Heart' and he's co-written another song on the album. It's most definitely not an album of duets of Dot and Peter but I reckon it's definitely worth checking out. Dot is a very talented musician and a lovely lady so I'd thoroughly recommend her forthcoming album to you guys. bb.

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wanye said...

btw, dot's band in the 90s was ONE DOVE. not one love :)