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Queen of Hoxton is off

Message from Babybear:
"Some bad news folks. Peter cannot do The Queen Of Hoxton show on Saturday. This is for genuine (and I may add positive) reasons. I know it's going to be a disappointment to some of you so I thought I'd better let you know asap in case travel arrangements are being made. I am trying to help out the promoter by finding a decent replacement for the show, which is still going ahead so watch this space. Don't shoot the messenger! bb".
Update: "Unfortunately it also means Paris is off on Sunday. We will be looking to re-schedule the FNAC event as soon as possible. Very disappointing obviously but every cloud has a silver lining. bb".
Well I think we all know what BB is talking about don't we. Best wishes, Pizza.

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Monsieur said...

I honestly don't know what bb is talking about.Is it about the court appearance or something? I dont really see that as something positive..