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More on Saturday

At last, some reports from the LMHR bash and the Underground show. From:

Plus! Our friend Alicepooh tells us about the Carnival:
"Was an extraordinary day. The sun shone, the sound quality was totally amazing, brilliant, and lots of 'our' lads performed and did really well. Drew sported an unravelling stripey jumper and has got some more sticky hair goo since the mohawk-droop at the RF the other week. Kieran sounded incredible, and Peter arrived only three minutes after his scheduled stage-time complete with the two ballerinas. He played with Drew and the keyboardist from Helsinki. Think the organisers were tearing out their hair fretting as to whether he'd show up in time to perform, and the eleventh hour trick is more effective at little venues than at a bloody stadium. That being said, he sounded absolutely excellent, the pa really made everyone sound so crisp, like listening to a good quality stereo. Eddie Izzard compered, Mick Jones did a set, and Rev. and the Makers finished off the event with a huge flourish. Confess I didn't devote much attention to Kelly Rowlands, but the crowd loved it all, and it was great to see Peter finally managing to perform at a big LMHR event, previous attempts having been disrupted by HM pleasure".

And No Judy Garland recounts his Underground experience:
"This must be one of the most exceptional gigs that Peter has done in a long time. He was blazing drunk … in the most good-humoured and agreeable way. Early on, to shouts of ‘down in one’, he managed neck more than half of a bottle of run and (a little) coke without coming up for air. The next two hours were a treat. He sat in an armchair with bottle in one hand, fag in the other and conducted the crowd in an extended rendition of ‘Deliah’. Later he tossed the armchair into the crowd. He responded to the chant of ‘Get your rat out’, by videoing those responsible on his phone and threatening to put it on YouTube. He sniffed a pair of pants sent on stage by ‘Greg’ (‘They’re clean; I knew you wouldn’t do that to me’) and then incorporated references to ‘yellowing boxers’ and ‘Gregory’s bum’ into Albion. He held forth on ‘the state of Stoke’ (‘There’s blokes eating mobile phones and policemen asking barmaids for the time’). He played about 28 songs (depending on how much of a song has to be covered before it counts as ‘played’ …. two lines? … one verse and chorus?). Fairly standard Libs/Shambles/solo stuff plus covers like Any Old Iron, I Wanna Be Adored, The Boy with the Thorn in His Side, Gangsters, and lots of other bits and pieces (including a few bars of Ian Brown’s Corpses to demonstrate how hard it was). I could go on and on … very funny, very endearing. Thanks largely to a great bunch of blokes in the middle. ‘These are my people’ Pete said when BB suggested it was time to go. Still laughing. Cheers, Stoke".
  • Tonight Peter is playing in London. Details by Babybear: "Venue is called The Den, the night is 'Shine' and the address is 18 West Central Street, WC1. Doors open at 10pm till 4am, its £10 on the door".
  • Saturday 6 June: it's Camden Rocks day. The fest's official site has updated the ad but details are still uncertain. It is generally thought that Peter and Carl will start separately at two different times (and different venues) but somehow they'll join forces along the night.


Could one week pass without mentioning the Libertines reunion? No, of course. Peter talked about it to Gordon Smart (!) after the LMHR bash. Without adding anything new, but keeping up the buzz.

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