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Peter's half gig

Severe sound problems plagued Peter's last night gig at The Den and Centro. Five songs into the set Peter's mic broke and the set had to be halted.

"Pete Doherty helped launch the Shine club-night at London's The Den and Centro venue by playing an acoustic set there" Steve wrote to "but his microphone wasn't working so it was even more acoustic than normal".
"Pete Doherty performed a London club show at the brand spanking new venue The Den and Centro last night" says Festivalwise "The 30-year-old Babyshambles star performed an acoustic set to the packed-to-the-rafters room at the Monday indie club night Shine. The Den and Centro is the name for the revamped club formerly known as The End which closed its doors last December. Upcoming guests at the Shine include Carl Barat, former Oasis guitarist Bonehead and Stone Roses and Primal Scream legend Mani" (Festivalwise has also beautiful photos of the event).
"It started off OK" Alicepooh wrote to FDB "Peter arrived only a bit after the scheduled midnight start, still sporting his Vivian Westwood cardy, and began playing straight away. However, things started to go seriously wrong after the first song, Killamangiro, when the mic conked out. Gamely, Peter carried on, mic-less in a bizarre karaoke-style set, accompanying himself on amplified guitar, and shouting his lungs out to be heard. The crowd joined in, and we sang Arcady, Time for Heroes, What Katie Did, Fuck Forever and Can't Stand Me Now".
Babybear said: "Last night was absolutely NOT Peter's fault.I have just spoken to The Boabie and he's told me the list of farcical things which happened last night. Peter can hardly be blamed for faulty equipment and attempting to carry on even when said equipment failed. Also, the idea to move the crowd from a packed larger room into an upstairs smaller room with a 1 ft stage and no barriers was ludicrous even to suggest. If I had been there I would have vetoed that right from the start, there is no way I would put artist, crew and most importantly audience in danger. In my absence this decision was made by others in the camp and I fully support it. They would NOT allow a show to continue in dangerous circumstances. I imagine there are a lot of disappointed people there but if anyone is to blame it is certainly none of us".

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