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Camden Rocks mess

So, this is what the NME says about last night:
"Pete Doherty and Carl Barat played two small venues in Camden tonight (June 6), the large number of fans resulting in police intervention. The two former Libertines members were performing in London as part of the Camden Rocks festival, which took place at a number of venues in the area.
Doherty took the stage at the Underworld at 9.40pm (BST), and performed a wide range of material from his days with The Libertines and Babyshambles, and as a solo artist. Highlights of the 50-minute set included The Libertines' 'What A Waster', 'Music When The Lights Go Out' and 'Time For Heroes' and Babyshambles' 'Merry Go Round' and 'The Lost Art Of Murder'. Doherty's solo single, 'The Last Of The English Roses', and a version of 'For Lovers', his 2004 collaboration with Wolfman, were greeted with the biggest sing-alongs of the night. After performing 'Fuck Forever' and 'Albion', the songwriter played half of Babyshambles' 'Killamangiro', before throwing down his acoustic guitar and leaving the stage.

Carl Barat then performed at the small Monarch pub at 11.15pm - however, crowds of fans were left stuck outside the venue after its capacity was reached hours before. Police turned up to help enforce the venue closure, and organisers with megaphones asked the fans, some of whom were calling for refunds, to disperse".

This is what Epiphany has to say about Carl's performance:
"Carl played: What a Waster (solo), Deadwood (solo), Ballad of Grimaldi (solo), Nine Lives (with Kieran Leonard), France (solo), Holly Go Lightly (solo), Truth Begins (full band), Bang Bang (full band), Time for Heroes (full band), Can’t Stand Me Now (full band), I Get Along (full band).
Also on the setlist were Likely Lads, Come Closer, Blood-Thirsty Bastards, Gin and Milk, Death on the Stairs and Monday Morning (which I assume is a new one). The set was cut short due to pressure from the police who were calling for the whole event to end as trouble started up outside The Monarch from the crowd showing up after the Pete gig and hoping to gain entry. The band consisted of Stan, Drew and the drummer from the Paddingtons. Carl was in very good cheer (he came on to a rendition of Happy Birthday from the crowd). The solo part was beset with technical difficulties (What a Waster was best heard with a finger in one ear) and the last few songs generated utter chaos as the crowd surged forward, people fell and drinks flew. At the aftershow Carl muttered about playing on a couple of occasions but it came to nothing. Great success for him, I think".
Photos from Getty Images.

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