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Idro flop?

Reports from last night's Babyshambles show at the Rock in Idro Festival in Milan talk of a disappointing and tired gig, and of a disastrous behavior on behalf of the crowd, which didn't seem too interested in Peter and co. and, after two raging sets by Gogol Bordello and Social Distortion, generally decided it was the right time to have dinner.
The setlist was totally devoid of surprises, there were some technical problems and the Shambles were acting like they didn't want to be there but that's not a good reason for the audience to behave like imbeciles. Somebody threw a beer at Mik (who reacted very badly - can you blame him?) and the band's dressing room was raided. The only mildly satisfied one seems to be Adam who twittered "good Italy gig but someone ransacked the shamz dressing room, made of with dollars, booze and phones...!!".

Babyshambles played:
Side of the road, Killamangiro, Beg Steal or Borrow, I wish, Sedative, Baddies Boogie, Delivery, Carry on up the morning, Back from the dead, Pipedown, Albion, Time for Heroes, Fuck Forever.


joker said...

Why i have to be called imbecil? I was not there for babyshambles (as many) and i don't like them! Do you think i had to be in the first line screaming? Definitively not.

Babyshambles could refuse to be in this festival.. they knew they were with quite differend bands... so respect for ppl that did NOTHING stupid but taking a pause during a non interesting exibition.

The Heretics said...

If you don't like Babyshambles, why are you reading this blog?

lindagandolfi said...

actually it was being spoken about who was present to the gig, and not of who, as you, was having a - legitimate - pause.
who cares if you like babyshambles or not? we don't need to know it, indeed.

anyway, imbeciles or not, the guys didn't offer a good show, really.. bad sounds, bad mood, just... bad... almost outrageous...

EZ said...

Joker, I didn't call you an imbecile, I called imbeciles the people who go to festivals and throw things (or shout their disgust) at bands they don't like ust because they're "anxious" to see their idols.
In Italia non c'è rispetto per chi fa musica e cose del genere avvengono troppo spesso (vedi Heineken Jamming Festival). Non ce l'ho mica con chi è andato a cena, ce l'ho con chi ha tirato la birra al povero Mik (che è già abbastanza malconcio porello).

joker said...

Anyway I've got it, i hate the idiots that throw things on the stage.
I didn't agree with this: "disastrous behaviour of half of the crowd" 'cause they had dinner.

Anyway i was inside :-) i just sat down, but i have nothing to say if palasharp was quite empty during babyshambles' gig.

@the heretics: i was just looking for reports of the entire show

@EZ hai ragione. anche se non giustifico, c'è da dire che certe volte gli organizzatori (soprattutto in italia) fanno delle setlist che non stanno né in cielo né in terra e che a leggerle dici subito "questo gruppo prenderà bottigliate" (non era il caso di questa data).