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We had some heart stopping moments yesterday (well, nearly) when in the middle of an uneventful evening we learned that Babyshambles were four hours late on their route to Staffordshire and "stuck into a traffic jam" ("BREAKING NEWS!!!" shrieked the NME). With a series of shambolic twists and turns the organizers managed to find another slot for the band to play, moving them from the Channel Four Stage to the Virgin Mobile Union Tent and making them headiners at 10 pm. Somebody promptly spoke of a publicity stunt, somebody else of Peter's refusal to play again on the Ch4 stage after the awful review they got yesterday from Channel Four. A famous rag this morning claims that the guys were late because they stopped to help the victim of a car crash (not worth linking). Eventually the band reached their final destination and played their set (NME review).
Setlist time!
Delivery, Pipedown, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Back From The Dead, The Blinding, Jeanie Jones, Sedative, Killamangiro, Baddies Boogie, Albion, I Wish, Fuck Forever.

Meanwhile, NME.COM said they will have a special and exclusive Babyshambles announcement on Tuesday (August 21), which is tomorrow (probably).

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