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A few stories in the press

Great emphasis in the press today on the DPT's last night gig at Pentonville Prison. Of all the articles I've read I chose this (from Times online) as the best.
For setlist maniacs, here's the stuff:
Chinese Dogs, Gentry Cove, Wondering, Doctors And Dealers, Deadwood, Come Closer, Blood Thirsty Bastards, You Fucking Love It, Plastic Hearts, The Enemy, Gin And Milk, Bang Bang You're Dead.
We know we ain't gonna see these boys around for quite a long time don't we? So good luck guys and come back with something stunning.

Another bunch of articles today focussed on Peter's alleged "no-show" at Get Loaded in the Park. Honestly I didn't think for one second he was going to turn up at all, so I took my time to reach Clapham Common and I wasn't let down by his absence, but I think this latest episode was mainly due to a communication breakdown more than anything else, because Peter's appearance was still in the rumormill when the Festival started. The breaking (?) news is that the man is back to rehab. So, good luck to him too.

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