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DPT In Ibiza and somebody seems to be a tad nervous

Thanks to Adeibiza who posted a review (with photos) of last night's gig to the DPT's official site (here). More info from the NME.
Chinese Dogs, Gentry Cove, Wondering, Best Face, Doctors And Dealers, Suits Punks Military, Deadwood, Come Closer, Blood Thirty Bastards, You Fucking Love It, Plastic Hearts, The Enemy, Gin & Milk, Last Of The Small Town Playboys, Bang Bang You're Dead.
While there's a very faint rumor Pete might be dropping at Get Loaded next Sunday, the man himself was caught in a furious internet fight with some posters to his forum "French Dog Writtles" only a few hours ago (not going into details).
Breck Road Lovers is flying to London in a few hours. Catching Get Loaded and other stuff. We hope we will able to log on from some internet cafe for some brief update. See ya.

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