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From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads (or maybe L.A.)

Dirty Pretty Things are playing tonight a gig in Ibiza as part of the series "Ibiza Rocks", sponsored by the NME and Radio Xfm. Apparently there's been a venue change and the gig is now taking place at Gala Nights, a licenced outdoor music venue (and former zoo) 10 minutes from San Antonio. The Twang are opening the show. Tickets are still available here at 39 euros (65 if you wanna hang at the afterparty). There will be free buses leaving Bar M from 7pm.

Tonight's gig is going to be one of the last shows the band will play before they shut themselves in a So Cal studio to start recording the follow up to Waterloo To Anywhere. According to the band's much loathed manager Alan McFee, sorry McGee, Barat & co will spend a very long time in Santa Monica working on new songs and recording with some advert-guy-turned-producer (???) named Nik Leman. McFee talks of 3 or 4 months but that's surely an exaggeration. Carlos promised to put some new demos on line on the band's official site but nothing has surfaced yet.


JanMor said...

No demoes on line - record company says "No, No".

adeibiza said...

a bunch of photos of the ibiza rocks gig last night on our blog: