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Get Loaded with DPT!

Amazing show yesterday at Get Loaded in the Park. With a temperature oscillating between 25 and 30 degrees (°C) and an unexpected attack from some naughty wasps who seemed to be strangely attracted by blue eyed boys in red tops, the mighty Carlos and his mates played an hour of solid rock'n'roll, running through Waterloo to Anywhere (bar BURMA and If You Love A Woman) and showing off the usual four new songs (which the fans seem to have learned by heart already).

Setlist (not too sure about the order):

Chinese dogs, Gentry cove, Best face in the place, Wondering, Doctors and dealers, Come closer, You fucking love it, Suit Punk military, Deadwood, Bloodthirsty bastards (featuring the wasp), Plastic hearts, The last of the small town playboys, Gin and milk, The enemy, Bang Bang you're dead (with Carl on the trumpet. Well, nearly).

Personally I think "Best face in the place" is the best new song. Carl doesn't play guitar in it, but plays his whole body, with a passion and intensity that reminds me of things like "Vertigo", and the more recent "Gin and milk". "Come closer" is beautiful but not so intense.

The show also included an attempted stage diving by Anthony (he just fell in the photographers pit) and lots of homoerotic imagery.

Photo by ponyrock on flickr.

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