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Peter's "surprise" gig went down well

Photo by Docile333

It seems Babybear has to learn something from Adam when it comes to announcing surprise gigs! Word was out in the middle of the evening, the thing was picked up by Gigwise and Xfm, and the place was crammed, too crammed maybe, with people who couldn't tell Peter Doherty from Alan Wass! But after all, who cares. The gig was pretty good and Peter looked on top form, all in black and with his hair trimmed. Earlier in the afternoon he had dropped in a music shop in Reading where he had bought a brand new guitar.
Setlist: East of Eden, Can't stand me now, Lost Art of Murder, Breck Road Lover (wow, the blog!), Killamangiro, What a Waster, Death on the Stairs (Carl, you little sucker, he's doing it now!), Pipey McGraw, Playground, Dilly Boys, Albion.

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