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Peter's not the supporting type

No show of the Pizza last night at the Sonics' awesome gig at the Kentish Forum. says: "Pete Doherty has cancelled his previously-scheduled support slot with The Sonics at London’s Forum venue tonight (March 23). A spokesperson for The Sonics told NME.COM that Doherty's management had informed him that the Babyshambles man was in his Wiltshire home and was unable to make the gig". Well, of course you can't be in two different places at the same time can you? That's quite understandable. Jokes aside, unfortunately French Dog Writtles seems to be unable to work as well and the chances we know the real reason behind the cancellation (if there is any) are quite slim at the moment. However, the crowd was not too disappointed by Peter's absence. Somebody even cheered. Someone else asked for refunds (ha!).
And yet Peter had started this week on a high. Three gigs almost in a row, with a brilliant appearance at the Woodbury Tavern on Saturday night (here's a short clip). Was it too much? Well, it was Easter after all, and probably a support slot, albeit for a legendary band, wasn't enough to get him going.

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