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The Libertines on BBC1

At 7pm GMT (8pm CET) on April 2 (Wednesday next week), Zane Lowe, well-known music DJ at Radio 1, will be playing 'Up The Bracket' as part of the second round of a series called 'Masterpieces'. The album will be played out in full, gaps and all, no interruptions. There will be interviews and loads of other info about the album and the band, showcasing their influences and the people they then went on to influence. If you live outside the UK, you can listen to the show on the BBC website.
This is what BBC1 says about Bracket: "Pete Doherty's exploits aside, we think it's important to keep our eye on the music and highlight a band who started a vital scene that spawned some of our favourite bands. Their debut album is still lyrically and melodically one of the most adventurous modern indie records of all time". The other masterpieces of the series are Radiohead's "OK Computer", Public Enemy's "It takes a nation of millions to hold us back" and Guns and Roses' "Appetite for destruction".

Still on the Libs subject, the NME has issued a ridiculous "Greatest band of all times" poll. While I'm writing the Manic Street Preachers have taken the lead (which tells you how serious this stuff is). By the way if you wanna vote for the likely lads, click here.

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