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Progress in Shambleland

What you see here is a photo of Peter taken today outside Thames Magistrates Court, where the Shambles leader's drug order was revoked by Judge Jane McIvor. All seems to be going well in Shambleland, as the lovely Drew wrote in his 5th blog.
The next single is going to be You Talk (not too sure about the release date), which is a sensible choice to me. The video for the song was shot last Sunday in Somerset, which is also Carl Barat's birth place.
Talking about the mighty Carlos, we're told that Dirty Pretty Things are safe in their Californian residence but joy is not something I can feel right now, with 5 dead so far and thousands of people who lost their houses and were forced to escape leaving everything behind them. Such a great tragedy.
Oh the Libertines official site is back. At last.
We're back tomorrow with something about (and against) the Libertines Best Of.
Stay tuned.

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