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Pete's first post rehab "gig"

I'm sorry if I have to quote The Sun this time but so far it's the only rag that reported the news. And THIS TIME it's a true thing, verified by a photo (above).

The BABYSHAMBLES singer gave an impromptu performance at the Sun Inn in the quaint Wiltshire town of Marlborough.
Pete – whose band went to No5 in the album charts yesterday with Shotter’s Nation – was only released from the nearby Clouds clinic on Thursday.
And he couldn’t resist nipping to his new local to celebrate with a few pints of Guinness.
An onlooker said: “It was a normal Saturday night until Pete rocked up.
“As soon as word got out, the place was packed and people were begging him to sing.
“He was asking for pints of Guinness as he paused between the tracks and was kissing all the girls who asked for one.
“It was a really great atmosphere.”

Somebody talked about this gig at Fench Dog Writtles but I wanted to verify the accuracy of it all before posting it. I reckon it's an amazing thing and I also reckon that Guinness is an amazing thing, so keep celebrating Peter!

In the menatime, as you might have read in the article, Shotters Nation entered the Official Album Top 40 at no. 5.

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Arturo said...

Hahah... I reprted it- you verified my news with the Sun's exellent reporting? I agree though, I think it's great news- don't know why the initial reaction was bad on FDB... Perhaps my choice of wording... Keep doing your bit "EZ", yer doing a fine job...