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The BLANK gig went on!

The old mouth-to-mouth gimmick (or maybe mail-to-mail) was restored last night by the sweet Adam to advertize a Babyshambles secret show in Bristol. In the afternoon Adam posted to FDB to advertize the gig but he deleted his message after a few minutes, and only a "BLANK" writing appeared in his post. The FDB administrator then proceeded to send e-mails to all the members and each member proceeded to send e-mails to the people they knew. A few hours later the shambled troops headed to Bristol, where the then so-called BLANK gig actually happened!
The main reason for this secrecy was to keep the redtops OUT (and it seems this was succesfully achieved).
Set List (thanks to Alice):
Baddie's Boogie
You Talk
The Blinding
Beg Steal or Borrow

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