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Dirty Pretty Things new album shaping up

From Xfm:
Well whilst Pete Doherty has been busy popping in and out of rehab, occasionally getting arrested, and largely being splashed all over the tabloids, his former band mate Carl Barat has been busy recording a new album.
Barat and his Dirty Pretty bandmates have been out in LA for the past few months working on tracks for the follow up to their 2006 debut.
Dirty Pretty Things' manager, Alan McGee has been speaking to Xfm from LA where he been spending time with band, and he reckons this album’s shaping up to be a cracker.
"It's great", McGee enthused, "We've got five or six really big songs this time on the album whereas on the last album there was maybe only one really stand out big hit.
"It's really different as well", he continued, "Much more arty and much more pop. It's good and a really big change for them, it's much more melodic."
He also revealed that there’s plenty of potential singles on there with tentative track titles including ‘Come Close’ ‘Plastic Hearts’ ‘Blood Red Shoes’ and ‘Fault lines’.
But don’t get too excited just yet. McGee reckons we won’t be able to sample the goods until at least spring time of next year.
Every time Mr. McGee opens his mouth my teeth cringe. But this time he almost made me fall off my chair. So we have to expect a "pop" album now? What the heck should that mean? A Kaiser Chiefs coverband maybe? As if the poppiness of Shotters Nations wasn't enough. Thank God we have still to wait until next spring to hear Carl Barat singing pop dirges. Your mission is nearly completed McGee. Get Anthony in Celebrity Big Brother and that's it.


Brianna Saraceno said...

do you have any clue where they are recording at the moment? like what studio?

EZ said...

Gary Powell said Marina del Rey but I don't know the name of the studio.

Brianna Saraceno said...

Yeah I heard that, but I'm trying to find the actual studio