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The state of the nation

1. Macca meets Docka
Apparently Peter was given a special permission to leave the rehab yesterday because he had to meet no other than.... (drumroll) Sir Paul McCartney in person. It seems Peter was extremely excited about this meeting with Paulie, who allegedly gave him some hints about music, drugs and women (and I hope a special lesson about How To Make Up With Your Best Friend Before It's Too Late, for which I think Paul should get a degree). No pictures yet and no tips about when and where this "interview" is going to be published (if ever).
2. More Shotters reviews
3. Weekly L.A. Baratspotting
The Mighty Carlos gets along and goes to a lot of gigs. This week he has been spotted at the Arctic Monkeys gig at the Hollywood Palladium (Tuesday) and at the Klaksons debut, at the Henry Fonda Theater (in Hollywood theaters are named after actors - who needs something as trivial as The Old Vic?) last night. NME blogger Lindsay Parker saw him but chose to hide away from him because she was wearing a Babyshambles t-shirt. Listen to me, Lindsay: this is NOT 2005 anymore, for fuckssake. You could have at least tried to - ahem - talk to him and - ahem - decypher something and give us some news about the - ahem - recording of the new - ahem - album, you've spoilt everything instead because your current level of information is not updated at all. Naughty naughty girl.

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