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The Observer and Darksome Sea. Oh and...

Five stars to Shotters from British newspaper "The Observer". Although the review is slightly questionable it's a good achievement for a band like Babyshambles, mainly famous in the mainstream world for tabloid headlines and unlikely frequentations. Now there's a good chance the album could give the guys their first number 1 (and maybe some sold out dates to the much discussed Arena Tour).
The NME has put on line another unreleased song recorded by Pete Doherty together with Pete Wolf, entitled "Darksome Sea", and you can watch the related video too (here).
Still in the NME HQs, there's a whole chapter of "Bound Together" downloadable for free here. I was sure all the Libertines buffs in the world had already got their copy of the book but it seems I was wrong (as it often happens). So, if you haven't read "The Sad and Joyful Adventures of Pete& Carl" yet, that's something for you. Sounding bitter? No, "Bound Together" is an amazing book and Anthony Thornton is a top guy (and Sargo's photos are unique). Just how much has been told and how much has been hidden under the carpet, well, that's another story, and that's just me. The downloadable chapter is (rather predictably) that of Pete's release from gaol and the famous Tap'n'Tin reunion gig.
Talking about things under the carpet, and last but not least, from Calafornia, Alan McPee, sorry McFee, informs us that all is doing well in Dirty Pretty Things camp, i.e. recording studio, and they have already written a good set of songs, very "melodic". Great. Why they need 3 months (or 4) to record them, that's beyond me, but Sundays always get me in ranting mood, so bear with me.

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