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Don't look back into the Star

The Daily Star is strangely reporting about the lovely Drew’s next solo adventure (the pic in the article is Peter’s of course, let’s not forget who they are REALLY interested in!!! ):
PETE DOHERTY’S Baby-shambles bassist Drew McConnell is making an album with Albert Hammond Jr, Fionn Regan and Seb Rochford.
The Strokes guitarist, the Mercury Prize-nominated Irish singer and the occasional Babyshambles drummer make for an interesting mix.Fionn, 25, and Seb, who went to the same secondary school as me, were both up for the Merc this year – Fionn for his own record and Seb with Basquiat Strings, while 27-year-old Albert’s been promoting his solo debut. A total of four tracks are in the bag.Excited Drew said about working with these names: “I’m still pinching myself.”Babyshambles new single Delivery is out this week.

Another shamblette, the sweet Adam, will forgive me if I cut and paste his last message to French Dog Writtles, but it’s so full of optimism and hope that I can’t help it (in any case, Adam, don’t worry about this place because I’m not uploading anything albeit being a strong supporter of illegal downloading!).
Went down to visit [Peter] yesterday, out of all the times I have seen him in rehab, I have never, ever seen him in such a lucid determined state. Obviously none of us know what the future holds, but for the first time since I have known him there has been a drastic change in his mind-set, and he can actually envisage a time when he's drug free. Whether or not this time is the final time, who knows, but I can honestly say something has changed for the better in Peter's approach to his life, drugs and babyshambles. Now go and buy Delivery and stop putting stuff up for download. x FICEK

Ahem… the Scottish lot, the View… the band who’s supporting some of the Babyshambles Arena Tour dates… they have recorded a cover of Don’t Look Back Into The Sun. I haven’t listened to it (that song is too precious to me) but I know about people having fits at the only thought. And I almost like some of the View’s things.

As for the Conspiracy Theory, oh I know what’s going on, likely lads, but I don’t talk about those things here. No way.

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