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More info about Shotters

This is the cover of the album and DVD which will be published on Oct 1.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Carry On Up The Morning
2. Delivery
3. You Talk
4. UnBiloTitled
5. Side Of The Road
6. Crumb Begging
7. Unstookie Titled
8. French Dog Blues
9. There She Goes
10. Baddies Boogie

Disc: 2

The Boogaloo Tapes
1. Delivery (Live At Boogaloo)
2. Baddies Boogie (Live At Boogaloo)
3. UnBiloTitled (Live At Boogaloo)
4. There She Goes (Live At Boogaloo)
5. Pipedown (Live At Boogaloo)

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